Quality policy

Quality policy


To consolidate our group as a reference center for research and diagnosis of cardiovascular genetic diseases.


In order to maintain quality, to keep up with the advances in the field, and to provide the best possible service for families, it is essential that the specialized testing of rare familial diseases is managed by a multidisciplinary, centralized team.

  • To maintain excellence: a reference center must maintain the strength and expertise. We must keep abreast of new discoveries, such as new genes associated with unexpected sudden death, as well as new developments in the field such as the role of structural variants in disease.
  • To ensure that the test is performed with a clinical indication: laboratory activity begins with the contact of interested doctors who consider genetic diagnosis to be useful in the patient’s clinical context. The genetic test is not a tool that replaces the clinical evaluation, but rather complements it. As a reference center, we must encourage genetics to be used properly. In addition, we promote the use of family segregation as a key tool for determining the pathogenicity of a genetic variant by linking the clinician's assessment to genetic results.
  • Reliability and confidence in the results: to maintain the quality of genetic results, we confirm the identified variants with a second technology and perform internal and external evaluations of our processes and our technologies to verify that they maintain the highest level of reliability. The participation of several laboratories in the genetic evaluation of a family may encounter differences in the level of quality and of assurance that all relatives have been evaluated accordingly. We guarantee compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to us.
  • Development for the improvement of our diagnostic tool: we develop new panels, a database of genetic variants and a database of publications that are essential in the assessment of the pathogenicity of a genetic variant.
  • Innovation: our continuous improvements in the diagnostic services, as well as our internal monitoring allow us to incorporate innovation as a part of our normal daily activity.
  • Professionalism and commitment: we promote education, awareness and motivation of our staff, as well as participation through teamwork.

This policy, complemented with annually approved quality objectives, is available on our website.

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